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Candy Floss in Buckets -

Traditional Party Candy for Kids Young and Old

fairy tale candy floss

Candy Floss Starts the Fairy Tale

Candy Floss has been around for years. A traditional Candy thats usually found at Fairgrounds, County Shows of any other outdoor event.

With the right Candy Floss machinery and a swift induction course its actually quite easy to make.  Basically its sugar and maybe some food colouring, but its now available in your own Home, Venue, Corporate Event or Social Gathering.

Kids love biting into the cloud that magically disappears and Older Kids can’t resist the taste of yesteryear. Its fun, its a treat and its not expensive.

It’s a great treat and although it is virtually 100% sugar you would be surprised how little it takes to produce a portion of Candy Floss. Much less thats in most children’s drinks, even the ones that are advertised as healthy.

If you have a Kids party coming up it will work well when you serve up Candy Floss as nobody will be expecting it. Thats if you can keep it a surprise. But don’t be fooled, grown up kids love Candy Floss too.


Inexpensive Party Treat

If, wherever you are having an event doesn’t lend itself to hiring one of our Candy Floss machines, you can still have it delivered to your party in sealed, airtight containers. Surprise your guests regardless of their age.

Talk to us about combining this with Popcorn and getting your party started. We have the choice of 1 x litre or 2 x litre airtight tubs that are your to keep. They will make good storage containers, paint pots or soldiers helmets.

1 x 1 litre tub for £2.00

1 x 2 litre Tub for £3.00

6 x 1 litre tubs for £10.00.

6 x 2 litre Tubs for £15.00

Product Quality Rating


If you want more information about hiring one of our Candy Floss Machines then use this (link) or navigate through the Menu shown above.

We supply with everything you need including a swift induction to show you how to use it. Maybe you prefer an Attendant to produce and serve the Candy Floss, in which case we can supply one for you.

For more information about any of our services give us a call at any reasonable time on 01727 380227 or 07825 587651. Or, if you prefer, fill in your details on our Contact Page to check availability and we’ll get back to you.


Here's What They Are Saying.

Birthday Party in Uxbridge
Amazing!  Couldn’t ask for anything more…....everything was perfect!

Beauti W  

Birthday party in Uxbridge

Birthday party in St Albans
Excellent service!
The candy floss machine was a last minute idea for a party and Adrian was incredibly accommodating and helpful.  Everything was done as promised, machine arrived on time and collected when agreed.
The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the candy floss.

Jacinta M

Private Party

Corporate Event
We had an event planned for months with all of the publicity and advertising stating that there would be free candy floss and popcorn for everyone who attended. With this information going out to thousands upon thousands of people, you can only imagine my horror when our popcorn and candy floss man canceled just hours before the event was scheduled to start. Fortunately, after a few last minute calls, Mr. Flossy confirmed that he'd be able to drive into London and save the day. And he did indeed save the day as he arrived in time for the event, set-up rather quickly, and served delicious popcorn and candy floss to the hungry masses. We would definitely book with him for future events - no doubt about it! 



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