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Mr Flossy, About Us -

The Mr Flossy Tradition

Mr Flossy has been in business since 2005, developing a reputation for reliability and quality with a lot of business being repeat Customers and recommendations from them. 

We work hard at trying to be the best and always look for different innovative ideas to improve and enhance what is really a traditional snack foods. We know that Candy Floss is 99.999% sugar but who can resist it? Kids love and the older Kids remember the first time they had it; probably at a local fairground or fete. The irony is that Candy Floss was invented by a Dentist and did you know,  it takes less sugar to make a portion of Candy Floss than what is contained in most of the ‘pop’ drinks that are being marketed to kids of today? Popcorn is one of the most popular snack food eaten throughout the world but more so in the USA. We have served the traditional plain, slight salted and sweet versions for years, but have now found a delightful way of being able to add flavour to popcorn and can offer it in a variety of sweet and spicy alternatives.  Check out our ‘Homemade Popcorn’ page for an insight

The Mr Flossy Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, good quality, fair price, excellent service. We deal with people the way we would expect to be dealt with ourselves. And ‘Deal’ is the operative word. Most scenarios are different in their own ways so the prices we show are meant to be a guide. Once we find out what it is you want and how we can help you we can discuss the price, delivery and availability. We don’t generally lose business over our prices and if we do its probably for the best.

To date we have never let anyone down and we always have a machine on stand-by to back this up, Much to our own disadvantage on occasions but thats the way we roll.

We are a family run business and treat our Customers as an extension to that. You only have to look at the testimonials we have accumulated to back that up. If you are thinking of doing something different or repeating what was such a success last time, give us a call and tell us what you are thinking and we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

In the meantime you can be assured of our best attention and we’ll look forward to hearing from you.



mr flossy about us

We Introduce an Icon

Here we have one of the nicest people in the game.

A Gentleman whose own life experience hasn’t always been easy, having to take a few hard knocks, but he still finds time for local people, encouraging them to work and train as hard he does and never give up on a dream and the quest to achieve greatness, using his own achievements as an example.

The other person is Anthony Joshua.

“Just Kidding AJ, thanks for dropping by 😜”


All our machines are thoroughly cleaned after every hiring. They are also serviced regularly and PAT tested for safety and reliability.
If you want more information give us a call at any reasonable time on 01727 380227 or 07825 587651. If you prefer fill in your details to check availability or bounce some ideas and we’ll get back to you.
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