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Popcorn Machine Hire -

Popcorn Machine Hire

  • Freshly Popped Popcorn served When it’s Needed
  • Hire a machine with or without an assistant
  • Serve yourself or Served for You
  • Contact us for the Best Prices
  • Price differs when hired with our candy Floss or Slush Drinks machines
  • Gourmet Popcorn Flavours

Our price will include Delivery and enough
Product for the numbers you 

We need to know your Location and how
many Guests you expect to give you the
Very Best Deal, so best call us for a Quote.

You can Hire one machine or Combine with
our Candy Floss and Slush Drinks Machines

For the Very Best Deal  (Guaranteed) Call us Today.

For more Information Call Us On:

Office 01727 836 130 | Mobile 07825 587651

Do Something Different for Your next Corporate or Social Get-Together


Our Popcorn Machine Hire will get your party rocking straight from the get-go. Nobody can resist the sweet aroma of freshly popped popcorn. Voted as the most popular and nutritious of all snack food, popcorn is all natural ingredients, fresh corn kernels cooked with a minimum of ground-nut oil and then flavoured to suit. Our Popcorn Machine Rental service gets five-star reviews from our clients

Gourmet Popcorn Flavours


Talking about flavours we have a number you can choose from. Apart from the traditional plain, slightly salted and sweet try some of these.

Red hot cinnamon | Caramel | Blue raspberry | Salt and Vinegar | Hot Jalapeno
White Cheddar Cheese | Ranch | Sour Cream & Chives | Honey Mustard
Parmesan Garlic | Creamy Dill | Cheddar Cheese

Nutritional Attributes

Many people prefer plain popcorn but the tradition is to add a little sea salt or a coat of sweet butter toffee. But, in its raw form its 90% fewer calories than a plain pack of potato crisps and far richer in natural fibre. We have some information that’s been provided by the Popcorn Association who have researched the nutritional benefits of Popcorn. This makes interesting reading although like any snack foods moderation is and a controlled diet is paramount it seems that popcorn doesn’t really present any problems regardless of the quantities consumed.

Popcorn Machine Hire

You can hire one of our machines to be at your venue to meet guests when they arrive or be there for the duration, continually producing freshly made popcorn served by the scoop into cardboard containers.

home made popcorn

We're Here to Help

If you prefer we can have one of our staff there to supervise the process and serve your guests, whichever method suits you and your budget. The cost of hiring our machine differs depending on your requirements so its best you give us a call and discuss this with us. We don’t usually lose business to price and most of our work is repeat business or from recommendation. Reliability and Quality are far more important issues than saving a few pounds, especially when you’ve got a fair number of people coming. Getting the right results from a rented machine is not difficult as the contents are measured and when the kernels are popped they are ready to eat. A scoop is the easiest way to serve portions and everything will be provided by us well before the festivities start.


If you want more information give us a call at any reasonable time on 01727 380227 or 07825 587651. If you prefer, fill in your details to check availability or bounce some ideas and we’ll get back to you.

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